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brewing cider

Brewing Cider

Have fun and brew your own cider!

Brewing cider


This site provides techniques and tips for Brewing cider, cider making, pressing apples, fermenting and bottling your own ciders. You can find, recipes,  reference books on cider topics, equipment, gift, events and courses.  It will hopefully inspire you to reap the rewards of a little hard labour. It is a step by step guide, to help you achieve good quality tasting cider.  The site also provides a couple of other resources such as cider recipes, events and courses.

There is nothing more rewarding than drinking a lovely cool homemade cider after a hard days work or relaxing by the fire at Christmas enjoying a warm glass of mulled cider.

If you are ready and wanting to know more about making and Brewing cider why not start with an overall summary of making cider or select from the various topics below.


Harvesting and Preparing Apples

On this page you will be able to dertermine what apples you need for making cider. How to prepare them e.g. crushing them to a pulp and all about cider presses in preparation for the fermentation stage.

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Now you are getting to the exciting bit, your first homebrew cider, where the sugar begins to turn to alcohol! But wait! There are a few steps to follow before this happens.


Storing and Bottling Cider

Now you have your fermented apple cider you need to bottle it and store it. The main principle for longer lasting cider is to keep it in a cool place. There are many bottling options to choose from when you come to store your cider.