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brewing cider

Homebrew Equipment required to make your cider

ciderHarvesting and Preparing Your Cider Apples

1. Something to put your collected apples in.

2. Big container, e.g. big bucket or tub, large enough to wash you collection of apples.

3. A piece of equipment to crush your apples to a pulp.

A pulpmaster is more than adequate for the job and is not too expensive which can be purchased  from homebrew suppliers

You could also use scratter or as an alternative a garden shredder.

Or by the far most cheapest option is a large strong bucket and mash your apples with a strong pole about 10-12cm in diameter.

4. Now you need to squeeze the pulp for all that apple juice.

You will require some form of cider press which you can either have a go at making yourself or you can purchase from various supplier or from the link below.

Don’t forget the bucket to collect the juice.


For the fermenation stage you will need the following

5. Sterilising solution to clean your equipment.  Campden tablets are suggested for this.

6. You may wish to add So2 to your juice to kill of any unwanted bacteria.  Again, Campden tablets are suggested.

7. demijohns

8. Fermentation airlock

9. Syphon

10. cider yeast (or dried wine yeast)

The above equipment required for the fermenation stage can be obtained from homebrew stores or order online

cider bottlingBottling

All you need now is to bottle and store your cider.

11a. Use any old swing top hombrew bottles (Grolsch style) bottle.  You can at times buy these at Ikea or try homebrew suppliers.

11b. Strong beer bottles.  You can use your own or purchase from a homebrew supplier.   For bottles without tops you will need to obtain caps and a bottle capper.   Note of caution if you damage a bottle whilst fitting a cap, throw it away!  Bottle cappers don’t need to be expensive you can get them for around £20-£30.

11c. Another good option is to use screw cap bottles.

11d. Another option is to use a manucube (bag in a box) similar to a 5L wine dispenser box.  You can purchase these from www.vigopresses.co.uk.

For brewing equuipment visit homebrew suppliers